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Get Kids Coding with IoT

Get Kids Coding with IoT

Across all industries, coding is quickly becoming a crucial skill for the 21st-century workplace. Finding ways to teach kids how to program without becoming bored can be a challenge for parents. That’s where the Internet of Things (IoT) comes to the rescue.

On June 13, 2018, two of Embarcadero’s Software Consultants; Al Mannarino and Mary Kelly, delivered a webinar that explained what IoT is, ways to make IoT projects kid-friendly, how to set up a family hour of code and walked through two interesting demonstrations of Bluetooth LE IoT programming projects that you can use to teach your kids coding at home.

The Get Kids Coding Webinar replay is here.

As a follow-up to the Get Kids Coding webinar here are links for whitepapers and demonstration project source code (both Delphi and C++Builder) that were used on the webinar:


Get Kids Coding Whitepaper – Building Connected Apps with Bluetooth LE and BaaS using Zephyr HxM Smart Heart Rate Monitor

Get Kids Coding Whitepaper – Access Bluetooth LE using TI SensorTag(CC2541)

Project Source Code:



Get_Kids_Coding_IoT_CPP_BluetoothLE_and_KinveyBaaS (using Zephyr HxM Smart Heart Rate Monitor)

Get_Kids_Coding_IoT_Delphi_BluetoothLE_and_KinveyBaaS (using Zephyr HxM Smart Heart Rate Monitor)

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