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Flexible Enterprise-Grade TUsers Security Component for VCL on Windows

TUsers Security Component helps Delphi Developers implementing User Authentication and User Permissions Management quickly in their Desktop Applications. Password protect menus, buttons, actions, dbgrids, datasets, fields and virtually any VCL component, even 3rd-party componentes, like DevExpress and JVCL. The built-in and user-friendly Admistration Module gives you powerfull and easy user rigths management. Assigning / revoking permssions to the options of your application only using the mouse is very, very easy and your customers will be very satisfieds and impressed in how your application manages users and permissions.

Tools&Comps is a small Software Development company devoted to Delphi Application development since 1996. Our product TUsers Security Component was first released in 2000.

Save literally thousands of dollars and infinite working hours if you need to add Users and Permissions Management to your Desktop Applications

  • Works with: Delphi, C++Builder, InterBase, VCL, FireDAC
  • Works on: Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit

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