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Feel The Lightning Speed Of The Delphi Compiler For Maximum Productivity!

In this demonstration, you can see the speed of Delphi compiler which compiles one million lines of code in 5 seconds! This is epic!

This demonstration has done using Delphi 10.1 Berlin version. Since then, we have got big major updates, compiler enhancements, and Delphi language enhancements. Be sure to check out the latest update in this post:

1 Million Lines of Code:

  • 18,000 pages of printed text
  • 14 copies of War and Peace
  • 25 copies of Ulysses
  • 63 copies of Catcher in the Rye

Check out this million lines of code visualization

<a href=httpsinformationisbeautifulnetvisualizationsmillion lines of code>httpsinformationisbeautifulnetvisualizationsmillion lines of code<a>

Improving Compile Times

  • Library packages – Built-in, 3rd party, and shared libraries are precompiled so they don’t need compilation with each build
  • Precompiled units – Only new compile the units that change since the last compile
  • Divide large projects into multiple smaller packages
  • Inlining compiler optimizations, run time packages, optional debugging, and RTTI

Watch the demonstration and feel the speed!

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