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Enterprise-Grade Restaurant Ordering Template App For iOS And Android Built With Delphi


Embarcadero Technologies has a set of industry-ready solutions in the GetIt portal. Most of the complete applications come with their documentation and reusable component and modules. 

These template applications are in general form and apply the latest Delphi and C++ Builder development patterns and best use cases. 


Now, I would like to introduce the Restaurant Ordering Template. This Restaurant Ordering template gives a regular structure of the online ordering application. 

The Restaurant Ordering template is based on cross-platform development patterns and offers easy developer customization and deployment.


If you are not going to create something like this application, you should check it out. Because it has several FireMonkey development best use cases. For instance,

  • Working with styles
  • Management of windows
  • Loading images to stream
  • Generating controls dynamically 
  • and more

Be sure to head over and check out the Restaurant Ordering Template on the GetIt portal and download it from the IDE!


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