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Enterprise Connectors Released Today

After a successful beta for the past couple of months, I am excited to announce that the CData Enterprise Connectors have been released.

The 30 day Trial versions can be downloaded via the GetIt Package Manager (Tools > GetIt Package Manager > Connectors) in RAD Studio 10.2 Pro or higher. 

Enterprise Connectors are sold in two different editions.


You will also see some beta versions in GetIt for new connectors that are still being worked on that you can test while they’re in beta.


You can find detailed documentation and code snippets for each installed component by navigating to C:/Program Files/CData/Component Name/help


Docwiki:  http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Tokyo/en/Enterprise_Connectors


Enterprise Connector Subscriptions are sold in two different editions: Enterprise Connectors and Enterprise Connectors Plus. For a table of supported components by edition, click here.

For pricing information, click here.



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