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Enabling the macOS 64-bit platform in RAD Studio 10.3.2

One of the key new features for the Delphi language in the recent 10.3.2 release is support for the macOS 64-bit platform. 

We’ve gotten some reports from customers that installing the macOS 64-bit platform for Delphi or RAD Studio (for the Delphi personality) is resulting in the platform not being visible for new or existing projects in the IDE if 10.3.2 is installed on a system with an existing Delphi or RAD Studio license key. This is not an issue when installing 10.3.2 on a new system. 

To resolve this issue, we recommend you follow the simple workaround steps below, which vary by license type. 

Workstation license owners:

  1. Use RAD Studio IDE Help menu to select License Manager…
  2. From the License Actions panel, select the Register button
  3. Enter the existing serial number, login and password information and click the Register button
  4. Once the step is completed, close the License Manager, restart the IDE and now the macOS 64-bit platform support should work as expected

Network license owners:

  1. Ask your license server (ELC) administrator to re-host the existing license certificate and distribute the client license
  2. From the RAD Studio/Delphi Help menu, select License Manager…
  3. From the License Actions panel, select the Import… button
  4. Point to the new client license and click the Import button
  5. Restart RAD Studio/Delphi and now the macOS 64-bit platform support should work as expected

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