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Enable User-Friendly Diagramming, Flowcharting, And Graphing Capabilities In Your Windows Applications


TMS Software offers commercial components and libraries for RAD Studio developers from UI components to cloud computing libraries. One of the best UI component suites is the FNC Blox which is a set of cross-platform controls for Delphi & C++ Builder to easily add user-friendly flowcharting, diagramming, and graphing capabilities to your applications.

TMS FNC Blox has its panel-like component where users can build diagrams by inserting different sized lines and blocks even it is easy to link them. And the best part is you can drag and drop components in real-time as a user.


Best features of the TMS FNC Blox :

  • High-quality drawing blocks
  • Open architecture to create custom shapes
  • Full customization over components
  • Saving or loading file and stream
  • Zoom in/out & Panning

Be sure to head over and check out the TMS FNC Blox component suite on GetIt portal and download them from the IDE


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