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Embarcadero GetIt Packages Download for RAD Studio 11.2

embarcaderolocalpacakges list

RAD Studio 11.2 offers the ability to install GetIt packages from a local file, without the need for the computer to be online. This is a new feature for which we are still working on the documentation (there is a YouTube video showing how to use it).

Leveraging this capability, Embarcadero is making available separate downloads (in the my.embarcadero.com customers portal) including some popular RAD Studio add-ons owned by the company and previously available only on the GetIt online platform. These downloads are available only for customers with an active subscription and are meant for customers who, for security reasons, have developer machines not connected to the Internet and unable to install GetIt packages. For anyone else, we recommend to keep using the equivalent GetIt package.

At this time, we are releasing two packages:

  • Embarcadero General Packages Download for RAD Studio 11.2 (68 MB)
  • FMXLinux Package Download for RAD Studio 11.2 (75 MB)

The General Packages Download includes:

  • Radiant Shapes 1.5 for 11.2
  • Konopka Controls (7.0) for 11.2
  • BeaconFence (1.3) for 11.2
  • Bookmarks 11 (1.6.3)
  • Navigator  11 (1.6.3)
  • Parallel Debugger 11 (1.0.3)

The FMXLinux Packages Download includes:

  • FMX Linux 1.71

For a description of these packages, you can see getitnow.embarcadero.com or the product feature matrix. We are working on additional downloads with more core packages.


The download is a ZIP file containing the JSON configurations, the images, the EULAs, and the actual binaries of the GetIt packages listed above. Once you have downloaded it, uncompressing it in any folder.

In RAD Studio, Delphi, or C++Builder 11.2 open the GetIt Package Manager dialog. Use the “Load Local Package” button in the bottom left corner and select the JSON files matching the package you want to install from the list above (the actual file names are in a readme file, but they should be quite intuitive). Follow the steps, similar to a regular GetIt package installation. Repeat the process for other packages, restarting the IDE if required. Notice that the installation of local GetIt packages is available only for customers with an active subscription.

Below you can see the list of JSON configuration files for the packages in the General Download. This open dialog is triggered using the “Load Local Package” button at the bottom of the selector pane in the GetIt Package Manager dialog box. After picking one file, the installation proceeds like in the regular GetIt Package Manager scenario, but without downloading any information from the Internet: the configuration, the image, the license, and the actual content to be installed are all local.

embarcaderolocalpacakges install

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