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Easily Add Visually-Stunning FMX And VCL Styles To Your Windows And Mobile Apps


When I started programming with Delphi 7, my applications were stunning because of the wide variety of VCL styles. I liked the idea of just loading the style file and you are good to go. At this moment, creating dark and light mode for the applications is crazy. But, if you are developing applications in Delphi or C++ Builder, you have no problem!

Most of the time, other students were like:

  • Dude, how is this button so cool?
  • Me – This is the VCL!
  • What?
  • Me – Delphi!
  • Ohh, nice! You code this stuff to look cool? I mean button, edit..?
  • Me – No, look. Just load the style and apply!

And his mind was blown away! That feels so awesome.

So, now I would like to introduce some stunning VCL and FMX styles for you.


Table of Premium Free to use FMX & VCL styles

CopperDark FMX Premium StyleCopperDark VCL Premium StyleCopper FMX Premium StyleCopper VCL Premium Style
CoralCrystal FMX Premium StyleCoral VCL Premium StyleDiamond FMX Premium StyleDiamond VCL Premium Style
EmeraldCrystal FMX Premium StyleRadiant FMX Premium StyleJet VCL Premium StyleEmerald VCL Premium Style
Jet FMX Premium StyleEmeraldDark FMX Premium StyleFMX Style – StellarSterling VCL Premium Style

Be sure to head over and check out these amazing styles on the GetIt portal and download them in the IDE.


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