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Creating Custom Multi-Device Preview Devices

In RAD Studio XE8, we introduced the Multi-Device Preview. The Multi-Device Preview provides a design time view of what your application is going to look like on a wide range of devices. 

In RAD Studio XE8, you can easily add your own device to the Multi-Device Preview to see what your application is going to look like on a specific device.

In this quick tutorial, I am going to show you how to add the Moto360 Android watch as a custom preview device.

1. Go to Tools->Options->Form Designer->Device Manager

2. Click on Add…

3. Select Device Name, Platform and Form Factor, such as  ‘Moto360‘, ‘Android‘ and ‘Watch

4. Load a custom Device Background graphic (this should be a png)

5. Select at least one Orientation, such as Portrait

6. Define the Screen Upper Left Corner points and the Screen Size 

7. Go to View->Multi-Device Preview to bring up the Multi-Device Preview

8. Select Moto360 from Available Previews




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