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C++ Compilers that ship with C++Builder 10.3 Rio

Embarcadero has RTM’d RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder 10.3 Rio (version 20.0) today. You can read the press release here. Included in the release are several C++ compilers.

C++Builder 10.3 Rio (20.0) C++ Compilers

  • BCC32 – the classic 32-bit windows compiler
  • BCC32C –  Clang-enhanced compiler with a command line flag compatible only with BCC32
  • BCC32X – command line flag compatible with other C++ Clang-enhanced compilers: BCC64, BCCIOSARM, BCCIOSARM64, and BCCAARM
  • BCC64.EXE – C++ 64-bit Windows Compiler
  • BCCAARM.EXE – C++ 32-bit Compiler for Android
  • BCCIOSARM.EXE – C++ 32-bit Compiler for the 32-bit iOS Device
  • BCCIOSARM64.EXE – C++ Compiler for the 64-bit iOS Device
  • BCCOSX.EXE – C++ 32-bit Compiler for macOS

Note: BCC32C and BCC32X Clang-enhanced compilers are based on Clang/LLVM 5.0.2 which supports C++17.


Notes about the updated C++ Clang / LLVM 5.0.2 based 32-bit Windows compiler

Clang 5 and later implement all the features of the ISO C++ 2017 standard.



C++ Support in Clang – https://clang.llvm.org/cxx_status.html

C++17 implementation status – https://clang.llvm.org/cxx_status.html#cxx17

Note: the other Clang enhanced compilers are based on Clang / LLVM 3.3 and support the feature complete ISO C++ 11 standard – http://releases.llvm.org/3.3/tools/clang/docs/ReleaseNotes.html


RAD Studio Roadmap August 2018

If you are wondering about C++ compilers for Android 64 bit, Linux and other platforms, you should read the recent RAD Studio Roadmap article published in August 2018.

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