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C++Builder WinExec() and CreateProcess()

Author: Embarcadero USA

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FAQ1378C.txt   C++Builder WinExec() and CreateProcess()
Category   :Windows API
Platform    :All
Product    :C++Builder  1.x


I am updating my code for Win32 and changing my WinExec() 
calls to CreateProcess() and having trouble. There is so 
much more to setup.  Can you supply an example?


void CreateChildProcessAndWaitUntilDone(const AnsiString& strCmdLine) 
        PROCESS_INFORMATION     piProcInfo; 
        STARTUPINFO             siStartInfo;

        // Set up members of STARTUPINFO structure.
        siStartInfo.cb          = sizeof(STARTUPINFO); 
        siStartInfo.lpReserved  = NULL;
        siStartInfo.lpReserved2 = NULL; 
        siStartInfo.cbReserved2 = 0;
        siStartInfo.lpDesktop   = NULL; 
        siStartInfo.dwFlags     = 0;

        // Create the child process.

            NULL,           // process security attributes
            NULL,           // primary thread security attributes
            0,              // handles are inherited
            0,              // creation flags
            NULL,           // use parent's environment
            NULL,           // use parent's current directory
            &siStartInfo,   // STARTUPINFO pointer
            &piProcInfo);   // receives PROCESS_INFORMATION

            // Wait for the processs to finish
            DWORD rc = WaitForSingleObject(
                          piProcInfo.hProcess, // process handle


7/2/98 10:32:32 AM

Article originally contributed by Borland Staff

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