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Applying a custom style to your Windows and Mac application

Author: Bazzer747


  1. Create a FireMonkey Multi-Device Application
  2. Place your UI controls onto your form
  3. Browse to the StyleLookUp property for each control and select a style element (you can also do this after following the steps below)
  4. Drop TStyleBook onto your form
  5. Set the Form’s StyleBook property to StyleBook1
  6. Double-click on the StyleBook component on your form to open the integrated Style Designer
  7. Click on the green plus icon next to the “Platform” drop down menu
  8. Select “Windows” and click ‘Select’
  9. Select “Default” from the “Platform” drop-down menu and click the red x to delete it 2746-2-4249098
  10. With “Windows” selected from the “Platform” drop-down menu, click the green open button on the toolbar 1106-3-9568649
  11. Select a premium Windows style, i.e. EmeraldCrystal.style
  12. Repeat steps 7 – 11 to add a custom macOS style, i.e. CoralCrystal.style
  13. Click on the “x” to close the style designer. Select “Apply and Close” when prompted. 6523-4-2746786
  14. In the FireUI Multi-Device Designer, toggle between Windows and OSX to view the 2 different styles.          



   15. Deploy your application to Windows and macOS to see the style at runtime

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