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A Beginner’s Guide to Windows App Development Tools

A Beginners Guide to Windows App Development Tools

Are you a developer looking to build apps faster with less coding involved? Do you want to use the same code to create apps across different platforms? Do you also want to ensure you are using a development tool which can handle large projects and provides extended multi-monitor support? If yes, the powerful Windows app development tools by Embarcadero fit the bill.

What is RAD Studio and why is it the ultimate Windows app development tool?

RAD Studio is an ultimate IDE – an integrated development environment – to develop high-performance native applications which can handle anything you need to develop, including flexible Cloud services and broad IoT connectivity. It provides VCL (Visual Component Library) controls for native, unfiltered, pure Windows 10 and Windows 11 development and the FMX development framework for apps which can run on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. 

RAD Studio applications work natively on every platform. This means they are not interpretated or a scripting language that adds the overhead of a runtime whenever you want to run the app. Native app means the apps are compiled to pure code which operates directly on the operating system and underlying hardware with no additional layers in between. It’s blindingly fast and means you code one app which works on all the platforms. All these factors combined make RAD studio an excellent platform for developers. 

A Beginner's Guide to Windows App Development Tools, RAD Studio is the answer.

Top Reasons People Buy Windows App Development Tools: RAD Studio 

The superfast, works anywhere and everywhere, do anything FireDAC data access library

FireDAC is a Universal Data Access library. It is generally used for developing applications on multiple devices connected to organizations’ databases. The robust universal architecture means FireDAC enables access from Delphi and C++ builder to pretty much any DBMS database. FireDAC means your programs can easily access InterBase, SQLite, MySQL, Oracle, Access, DB2, and many more databases. 

It is a powerful and easy-to-use access layer that integrates data access with features to build real-world high-load applications. FireDAC also provides a standard API for accessing different database back-ends. And that too without giving access to unique database-specific features and compromising on performance. It is used in Android, iOS, Mac OS X, and Windows applications you are developing for phones, PCs, and tablets. 

Multi-tier Development means your app’s code is future proof

A multi-tier framework is based on the principle that data access should be separated into multiple levels or tiers – usually three. Developers prefer multi-tier development as it combines various systems and databases into a single layer that the client can then access. 

Multi-tier can hide away the complexities of the back end to the client development.

It’s compelling if you make changes to the business logic based on different systems. You can even migrate from one system to another, swapping out system one for system two. All in all, multi-tier is a great resource to hide away and simplify changes that you need in the back end without changing the connectivity to the client.

A Beginner's Guide to Windows App Development Tools. Linux 64 bit

Linux 64bit is a must-have for many corporate customers

Developers love taking the existing code and recompiling it for the Linux platform. Doing so provides much lower cost ownership and ongoing serviceability of the servers. It ultimately helps improve development margins. 

Incorporating modern development practices like DevOps for testing and configuring the Linux docker container becomes a lot easier.

This also provides the latest long-term support editions of ubuntu and red hat enterprise. Finally, with Linux 64 bit, a developer can update the back end without changing the connectivity to simplify some of the needed changes.

InterBase ToGo is the secret answer to your embedded database needs

User security and the full on-disk encryption are what sets InterBase apart from other database platforms. It is the best in data protection and PCI compliance. InterBase’s encryption levels enable developers to secure data using different encryption keys. It also allows developers to have complete built-in security to provide decrypt functionality to managers and HRs within an enterprise. 

For instance, a developer can select staff from the employee table but give only the HR access to see the wages. So, InterBase ToGo can be an excellent resource for many different setups in the development field. 

Did you know Enterprise Connectors mean you can access almost any kind of data from almost any source?

The fifth and final feature which developers like is enterprise connectors. Enterprise connectors allow developers to connect to 90+ leading enterprise systems like SAP, Office, and Jira. It extends the connection with unique kinds of drivers that then treat these enterprise systems like another data source. 

You can also query and interact with them using standard SQL. So, rather than working with different APIs, a developer can link to the enterprise connector, put the data in, and work with it. Moreover, these enterprises are royalty-free for distribution within an enterprise. 

What is Delphi and why is it a powerful Windows app development tool?

Delphi is one of the classic languages and a cornerstone of the software development world. Every though several new languages and frameworks emerged, Delphi stood its ground firmly. Why? It’s because Delphi is one of the most reliable and efficient languages for software development. 

Furthermore, over time, Delphi has expanded its capabilities, features, and libraries to keep up with evolving needs of developers. It’s still highly relevant even after  26 years of its inception. Today it offers a unique and desirable proposition that combines native capability, low-code high productivity development, and integration with other languages.

A Beginner's Guide to Windows App Development Tools. Happy thumbs up for Delphi

Why do developers love Delphi?

Developers mainly love Delphi because of its simplicity and speed of writing. Delphi falls in the expansible IDEs list, which means you can add new features from the market according to your needs. It makes Delphi easier to keep up to date and reach other platforms for the framework. 

It is better in technical applications and big-data solutions where performance and predictable code execution are critical. If you produce a commercial product and value source code privacy and multi-platform support, Delphi is great for you. Delphi programs tend to be very robust, often running for many years without requiring any upgrades or changes even when the surrounding operating system is patched or upgraded. They have virtually no dependencies which means they can be easily installed on a wide variety of machines, often just by copying them to a suitable location.

The visual development paradigm of RAD Studio – design your screens using a what you see is what you get editor – combined with the huge array of components (packages of prewritten, pretested code and functionality) means it can probably rightly claim to be one of the original low-code Windows app development tools.

Should you use RAD Studio for your development tools to create a Windows app?

If you want 5x faster development with testing and debugging across all platforms, RAD should be your number one choice. It is a popular choice for large enterprises due to its performance, usability, and inbuilt security. RAD Studio offers lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and easier development with write once, deploy multiple platforms capability. 

Apart from its fast speed and efficiency, RAD Studio poses less risk to the organization than others. It provides C++ IDE capabilities, enhances High DPI support for VCL, expands RAD server support for ExtJS, improves the quality of FireMonkey (FMX), and more. So, if you are to make a decision right now, it should be in favor of RAD.

Improve your computer’s security by using Windows Sandbox and know about some of its protective features in this article.

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