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8-Weeks Delphi Community Edition Bootcamp Starts Next Week

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Delphi CE Bootcamp is an 8 week FREE instructional lecture covering many different areas of Delphi development and focused on new developers as well as existing ones. The series begins next week, and I’m the first instructor. Lectures will be posted each week on each weeks topic and lecture replays will be available if you’re not able to attend during a week. We expect to have also some Q&A sessions.

The bootcamp is free but be sure to reserve your space early to make you get in, at:


To follow the classes, you can use the free Delphi Community Edition or any Delphi 10.2.X Pro, Enterprise, or Architect edition. This is the currently planned schedule, by some of the leading Delphi experts:

Week 1 – Delphi Language Introduction with Marco Cantu – Begins Sept 3rd

Week 2 – GUI Fundamentals (FMX and VCL) with Andrea Magni- Begins Sept 10th

Week 3 – Mobile / Multi-Platform Concepts with Ian Barker – Begins Sept 17th

Week 4 – DataBase/FireDAC with Cary Jensen – Begins Sept 24th

Week 5 – Debugging with Alan Fletcher – Begins Oct 1st

Week 6 – REST Services & APIs with Cesar Romero – Begins Oct 8th

Week 7 – Threading and Performance with Olaf Monien – Begins Oct 15th

Week 8 – Using 3rd Party Components with Ian Barker – Begins Oct 22nd

I really hope this will be a nice long bootcamp, with a ton of information, and I encourage you (beside participating, if you are interested) to invite any new developer, developers who know nothing about Delphi, anyone who hasn’t used Delphi in a while to both download the community edition (if they can legally use it) and join the bootcamp. This is a great time and a great event for Delphi!

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Marco is one of the RAD Studio Product Managers, focused on Delphi. He's the best selling author of over 20 books on Delphi.

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