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10.2 Tokyo TJsonSerializer and JSON.Converters

Author: h.mohri


First declare with Pascal to use the converter and generics.

This is because the use of generics in C++Builder. C++Builder used Win64.

Include each file.

This time I tried TJsonListConverter and TJsonStringDictionaryConverter.

TJsonListConverter converts TList´╝ťT´╝× to JSON. TJsonStringDictionaryConverter converts TDictionary´╝ťString, T´╝× to JSON.

placed two buttons on the TForm.

It outputs a json string of after-converted to TMemo.

Button1 is TList´╝ťString´╝× to JSON Convert. Button2 is TDictionary´╝ťString, String´╝×to JSON.


It will be like this when executed.





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