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Why I Choose Delphi Summary

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Over the summer, there has been a number of blog posts on the “Why I Choose Delphi?” topic. While providing personal ideas, they do have common themes and I think there are very interesting to read, for anyone who is using Delphi today (or used it in the past). Here is the list of the blogs I noted, and I migh have missed others, let me know:

David Harper: https://csvelocity.wordpress.com/2017/07/27/why-i-choose-delphi/

Andre Celestino: http://www.andrecelestino.com/why-i-choose-delphi/

Frank Lauter: http://delphiprofi.blogspot.it/2017/08/whyichoosedelphi.html

Ryan Potts: https://rpottsoh.github.io/Why-I-Choose-Delphi/

Jim McKeeth:  https://community.embarcadero.com/blogs/entry/why-i-keep-choosing-delphi and http://delphi.org/2017/08/why-i-keep-choosing-delphi/

Steffen Nyeland: https://fixedbycode.blogspot.it/2017/08/why-i-keep-preferring-delphi.html

Ray Konopka: https://delphibydesign.com/why-i-choose-delphi/

Jens Fudge: https://community.embarcadero.com/blogs/entry/why-i-choose-delphi

 Robert Calco: http://www.hitcompileandrun.com/2017/08/why-i-choose-delphi.html

“T Theobald”:  http://borkedcode.com/wp/?p=1511

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