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Windows 10 Mobile App Development Tutorial For Beginners

A “Hello World” app might not be helpful to users. But it is precious to a developer. Because as Morpheus said: “There is a difference between knowing the path & walking the path.” Making your first app is like walking the path. It clears your doubts and improves your sense of the whole process. It is also a test of the entire system. After all, a working app needs many…
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6 Books About Delphi You Should Read

Reading is an essential skill for Windows application development. Development is a nebulous and constantly expanding subject and I’ve noticed that the most successful coders, project managers and designers are often readers with a voracious appetite for consuming…
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Why We Love Windows Development (And You Should, Too!)

I can say, with confidence, that desktop apps are not dead, in fact they are very much alive and thriving. Web apps are on the rise and it’s a common trope to say that web applications can replace windows app development. But they couldn’t do that. In some cases, Web apps are suitable as the primary way for users to consume your product ideas and output. But mostly, web apps are an…
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