Using a Common C++ Library with C++Builder and TwineCompile

One of the many big advantages to using C++ for applications and projects is the access one has to the vast library of C++  libraries and frameworks available. Basically, there is a C++ library for anything, and if there isn’t, there is definitely a C  library for it.  Back in the day, it was generally a challenge to integrate different libraries into C++ projects due to the variances…
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DatabaseRAD Studio

Newcomer's Perspective - FireDAC and SQLite

FireDAC is Embarcadero’s library for universal data access – connection to just about any database protocol you can find. It abstracts the protocol-level details and presents a common interface so developers can build their applications to be database agnostic and flexible in the event of future design changes. My work this week focused on FireDAC and local databases. SQLite is…
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