Extract, Transform, Load - The Magic Behind HeidiSQL

HeidiSQL is a wildly successful open source database management tool. Apart from being extremely useful in the management of MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases, it is also open-source and that source code is written in Delphi. Furthermore, if we integrate it with IDE Software like RADStudio, it will be more powerful. Moving on, we’ve already given a brief overview of it before…
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Newcomer's Perspective - FireDAC and SQLite

FireDAC is Embarcadero’s library for universal data access – connection to just about any database protocol you can find. It abstracts the protocol-level details and presents a common interface so developers can build their applications to be database agnostic…

Quickly Learn How To Connect And Manage A SQLite Database For Delphi/C++ Builder With SQLite Sample App

SQLite becomes popular for working with light weight embedded, mobile, IoT, and desktop applications. Do you want yourDelphi and C++Builder Applications to connect with SQLite Database? How to start? Don’t worry,FireDACoffers robust components to connect with MySQL Database. FireDAC.SQLLiteSample app demonstrates how to use FireDAC to work with SQLite…
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