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How To Make Splash Screens, Icons, Bind Data And More In C++

Hello C++ App Developers, Professional applications have greatIconsandSplash Screens. They catch the user’s eye and help add to an overall impression of quality and attention to detail. Today we link to a couple of really great articles on how to create and add icons and splash screens to give that extra polish to your work. Static librariesare a good way to…
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Learn A Quick Way To Connect To A MySQL Database With The Delphi FireDAC Access Sample App

Do you want your Delphi and C++Builder Applications to connect with MySQL Database ? How to start ? Don’t worry, FireDAC offers robust components to connect with MySQL Database. FireDAC.MySQL Sample app demonstrates how to use FireDAC to work with My SQL Database. You can find Delphi code samples inGitHub Repositories. Search by name into the samples repositories according to…
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