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Learn How To Customize The ListView Detail Text In A List Item With Delphi

The Sample is using the “Custom” list view item appearance value and configuring the appearance properties of list view items at design time. It also shows how to do this at run time. When you run the application, it shows a list view. Each list item shows a detail text under its main label. Tap theSet Propertiesbutton to change the appearance of the list view at run…
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Easily Customize The Appearance Of The FireMonkey ListView Using The ListViewAddThumbAndCaption Cross Platform Sample App

Viewing your valuable data in a List with ultimate user experience becomes the essential need in Modern Desktop and Mobile Applications. Some of the usecase needs to toggle between the editingmode or viewing the list items with different appearance .e.g Selecting Multiple Contacts to delete from a Contacts List. Delphi/C++ Builder offers robust components to do the Job at Design time or Runtime…
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