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Sample Code For Integrating Business Analytics Powered by Yellowfin Inside Delphi Applications

yellowfin analytics embedded inside delphi application

If you develop applications that collect data, then it’s a pretty sure bet that the users of your application have reports that interpret that data. While there are many reporting options for Delphi/C++Builder/RAD Studio developers that allow standard reporting through adding components to your application, this can still leave much work for the developer, which can take a considerable amount of time away from the core focus of the solution being developed.

An established (and growing) market trend with the development of applications is the integration of “Best-of-breed” solutions. But, this isn’t new! Who would start writing a powerful word processor when you can integrate quickly with Word or Open Office? Many ISV’s already integrate with other systems, such as Finance systems, where they already benefit from capabilities for managing regional tax regulations and filing etc.

One VERY hot area for those purchasing software right now is Business Analytics and Business Intelligence. Many analysts are already talking about how to get the best ROI on the business data you have, and a key indicator is that systems that enable all users to engage in BI and benefit from it, get the largest returns at the fastest pace.

Yellowfin – Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms – Visionary

2022 saw the acquisition of Yellowfin into the Idera group. Yellowfin has been named as a visionary by Gartner (for the 3rd year in a row) in the Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

While many solutions in the BI space are SaaS Cloud-based solutions, Yellowfin is ideally suited to embedding as it can be deployed standalone. Being standalone, it is suitable for highly secure (offline) deployments, and also benefits from speedier access as it’s closer to the data being stored.

When running standalone, Yellowfin provides a full web interface with embedded user security that enables users to access data from multiple data sources, so as well as connecting to existing data, you could also cross reference it with many other products, especially when using Yellowfin Data Connectors or one of the many plugins available from the Yellowfin Marketplace.

Watch this video to learn more about Embedded Analytics and why it’s important.

Yellowfin Integrated with Delphi

Today, I want to share the availability of pre-built Yellowfin and Delphi examples on Github that can be quickly integrated into existing Delphi Applications, providing the full power of Yellowfin to both Windows native VCL applications and cross-platform FMX applications.

The samples wrap up key areas of the Yellowfin API, enabling dashboards, timelines, signals and single-sign-on from the host applications. You can also embed context-aware reports in Delphi and set user security credentials.

This is especially exciting news for Crystal Reports users, who have not been able to update their Crystal Reports Delphi version for many, many years. (Especially with the news that Crystal Reports is now owned by SAP, who have a tendency to take what they want and deprecate the rest).

Getting Setup with Yellowfin

If you want to try out Yellowfin with your Delphi Applications, Check out Antonio Zapater’s excellent blog and video on using the Docker Image of Yellowfin to have a test environment up and running in minutes.

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