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Quickly Build Native Cross-Platform Google Maps Solutions

create cross service map based solutions quickly

If you would like to have map functionalities in your FMX and VCL applications, you should check out the advanced WebGMaps component by TMSSoftware.

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What features does WebGMaps have?

With the WebGMaps component set, you can configure Google Maps in your FMX or VCL applications easily. Moreover, you can configure different map modes and extra map information can be displayed with little configurations. For instance:

  • Default road map
  • Satellite view
  • Hybrid view
  • StreetView 
  • Terrain
  • Traffic information
  • Bicycle view and Panoramio info

Besides, you can apply, labels, markers, export to graphic files, construct routes from point to point, retrieve the longitude/latitude coordinate. To make it more convenient for developers, there are also geocoding, direction lists, time zone, and different additional components.

This is a commercial component set and you should get a license to integrate it into your applications. When you install, you will get several sample applications and complete documentation.

Be sure to check out the WebGMaps component set on the GetIt portal and download it from the IDE.

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