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InterBase 2020 Update 1 is Now Available

InterBase is a powerful, zero-administration, small footprint database engine that can power your server and even run on your mobile devices as an embedded database. InterBase 2020 added a number of new features, including tablespaces support for InterBase server, new OS platform support for embedded versions, enhanced performance monitoring, SQL optimizations and more. 

Today Embarcadero is releasing InterBase 2020 Update 1, which adds the following features: 

  • Linux support for InterBase 2020 Server and Developer Editions
  • Tablespaces support for the OnlineDump technology
  • Updated IBConsole support for Backup, Dump, and Restore operations of databases that use tablespaces
  • Performances improvements and fixes for defects reported by customers

Here are some additional links:

The installers for different platforms are available for download on the following trial and developer edition download pages:

This release continues to extend the power of InterBase, along with continuing to focus on its reliability and stability.

Moreover, RAD Studio developers already have an InterBase developer edition license and also the ability of distribute IBLite or IBToGo with their mobile applications, depending if they are on the Professional or Enterprise edition

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