15 Tips to Graduate from Classroom C++ to Modern C++ Part 2/3

Use Modern GUI Forms Modern C++ compilers with IDE (Visual C++, C++ Builder, Objective-C, Android Studio, etc.) use a graphical interface by operating system behaviors of the application compiled. Console-based applications are good, but in some cases, you may need to add more features. UI elements make it easy to use applications and understand things on the user side. Also, these UI…
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Learn To Use ExchangeRates API With REST In C++ Builder

Do you want to add live exchange rates features to your applications? You can easily get live exchange rates in our C++ Builder and Delphi applications by using ExchangeRates API from theexchangeratesapi.iothat is free for 250 requests monthly. It is very easy to set up and get data in JSON format, which means we can easily use the REST framework to connect this data. If…
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C++CodeRAD Studio :: Color to Alpha Example, Learn to Use Clipboard + Much More

Hello C++ Builder Developers, We have new post picks for you from the website. We listed some of the interesting posts from the last week. If you are a beginner or want to jump into C++ Builder please visit our website for the great posts from basics to professional examples, full codes, snippets, etc. Do you want to learn to convert an image to an alpha…
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C++ :: Fibonacci Numbers, 3D Objects, Mandelbrot, And More Fun With Windows C++

Hello C++ Developers, We keep adding great posts about C++ on our website and we have some good feedback, thank you so much. We keep adding more tutorials, snippets, videos about C++ and some very specific code. Here are some of our picks that we’ve posted in the last week. We hope you enjoy them! Learn To Easily Develop A Fun Fibonacci Number Generator In C++ For…
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