25 years of excellence

Trying to sum up what a programming language and software authoring system like Delphi represents, spanning 25 years no less, is almost insurmountable. Where should I begin? Groundbreaking object orientation? Event driven architecture? A thriving component market? Or perhaps a technological wingspan that stretches from x86 assembly-language to high-performance ARM mobile applications? Instead of…
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5 Unique Delphi Features For Windows 10

In my previous post I focused on InterBase 2020 and outlined five good reasons why InterBase should be your next database engine. In this post I want to look at five awesome additions to Delphi that help you write lean, modern and fully compliant Windows 10 applications. To the average non-technical computer user, Windows 10 might seem as just another Windows version. I still hear both…
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Five Reasons to use InterBase in 2020 and Beyond

InterBase is, and continues to be, one of the hidden gems of the relational database world. From its inception in the early 1980s, through mainstream adoption and evolution under Borland, InterBase looks back at a track-record that spand decades; at times defining the…