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Useful Memory Optimizer For Windows Is Powered By Delphi


Mem Optimizer is a free memory optimizer for Windows OS and it is developed in Delphi. It can free RAM up to 30-40% in one click according to the developer. Mem Optimizer is 100% free and easy to use app. It needs only 3.5 MB space. As stated by their customer reviews, “Portable and lightweight RAM booster. With a small footprint on the system, this particular application makes it possible for you to free up the system’s RAM with the click of a button. It promises to get you up to 50% of the occupied RAM, which might increase the system performance almost instantly and makes all the applications more responsive. There is no need to install the application, as it is completely portable. This means that you can launch it with a double click and it is ready to go immediately. As soon as you open it, a small window is displayed near the system tray, but you can move it around and place it wherever you like. Free up RAM to get higher performance. The main tab displays information about the total RAM, the free and the used memory, as well as the RAM usage, in percentage. Aside from these details, Mem Optimizer only displays a button meant to start the optimization process. The operation takes no more than a few seconds and the usage statistics are updated on the spot. Freeing up RAM means that the system performance is automatically enhanced. Having more memory at their disposal, applications should move faster. Therefore, it is beneficial you use Mem Optimizer before running resource-demanding software or games. A simple way to get more RAM. Mem Optimizer is one of those tiny applications that is useful to have around. It is designed for a sole purpose: freeing up the system RAM quickly and easily, a mission that it fulfills successfully. On the other hand, it would add to its value to display more statistics and maybe the RAM usage in real time.”


Mem Optimizer

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