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Delphi Builds Ultimate GIS Field Survey Application Mobile Matilda


GIS Field Survey Application for iPad Built in Delphi-FMX. According to the developer, “Mobile Matilda is a mobile GIS application designed for Apple iPad tablet computers. The application operates in a local (off-line) environment or  with on-line data streaming. Off-line operation is possible by reading GIS map layers and data from the iPad memory. Even huge GIS datasets can be  efficiently stored to the iOS device memory as SQLite database layers. Relevant records are accessed simply by tapping and selecting on the tablet computer. Users can update records (e.g, map location of assets, attribute information, photo angle) in the field for later synchronization to the desktop or server via a secure WiFi or GSM connection. The iPad’s GPS position information is used to re-center the map (or aerial photography layer) to the user’s current position. Attaching photos to survey records is possible using the iPad’s built-in camera or a linked 360-degree panoramic camera. Mobile Matilda is used by municipal governments in Japan to conduct field surveys of physical assets. The application is developed in Delphi-FMX from the TatukGIS Developer Kernel edition for Delphi-VCL/FMX (see www.tatukgis.com).”


Mobile Matilda

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