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Automate Aircraft Workflow With Delphi And A Mobile Phone


If you’re like me flying is probably a slightly mystical experience. You’re not entirely sure how the plane defies gravity and the job of a pilot seems to involve a bewildering array of switches, dials and incredibly expensive sunglasses. There’s a lot more going on, of course, beyond the cockpit and safety briefings. Modern flights, even in smaller aircraft, involve much more tedious ephemera like equipment reservations, invoices, fees and the relentless recording of flight data.

Making the process of flying less trying

Belgian developers Micriconsult have poured their talent into a dedicated Android app specially for members of The Noordzee Vliegclub. Using RAD Studio Delphi and the Firemonkey FMX framework they have helped ease and automate some of the tasks of the flying business with some thoughtful and intelligent workflow analysis to create a really useful tool which pilots can simply carry around in their pocket – especially useful for smaller light-commercial and pleasure craft where space is at a premium.

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Noordzee Vliegclub Website

What does the Noordzee Vliegclub app do?

The app allows a member from the Noordzee Vliegclub to reserve a plane, to enter the flight data to help fulfil legal obligations as well as keep tabs on the myriad expenses of the modern world of flight. According to the developer, “It also keeps track of all flights and all costs involved, presented as monthly invoices. At any time a member can update its database data. This app allows a member from the Noordzee Vliegclub to reserve a plane and enter the flight data. At any time a member can update its database data. A flight instructor can define a plane as a training plane (preventing members to use it for regular flights), authorize a pilot member to fly on a specific plane type and keep track on the flying hours of each student. Users who are not a member of the Noordzee Vliegclub cannot use this app.”

Google Play

Noordzee Vliegclub

Screenshot Gallery

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