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Delphi Versatility: FelixGO Workflow Logistics Android App


FelixGO is the smartphone version of Felix Tools from German-based Felix Systems Logistics Factory and it is built using RAD Studio Delphi and the versatile Firemonkey FMX cross-platform framework.

Delphi Versatility FelixGO Workflow Logistics main image

According to the Felix Systems, “this app allows the creation of freight orders, transportation needs, on the basis of harvest declarations FHPDAT logistics standards. The system can be used on Android smartphones or tablets. The app is integrated into a logistics center and Felix automated master data provided. Create messages are transmitted to the Felix logistics center and processed by it.”

As Felix quite rightly says, less paper equals more efficiency and that is what they are aiming for with this very nicely organized and engineered app. FelixTools and the Felix Go app collates all the data for the entire workflow process from the initial contract letters right through the billing cycle.



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You can use the versatile development tools in RAD Studio Delphi to help control your users’ workflow. Try Android App Builder Software today to see what it can do for you in terms of increasing efficiencies and developing your own Logistics Android App.

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