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Adversary Emulation Planning Tool Built In Delphi

Developer Nader Shallabi has an adversary emulation planning tool called ATT&CK™ View which is built in Delphi. It is a utility for use with MITRE™ ATT&CK™. MITRE™ ATT&CK™ is a “globally-accessible knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations“. ATT&CK™ View helps defenders in designing adversary emulation plans. It comes bundled with a full adversary emulation plan for APT3 developed by MITRE™. According to the GitHub repo there are many use cases for the ATT&CK™ framework and many of them depend on existing tools being ATT&CK™-enabled. The ATT&CK™ View interface looks really nice and is a great demonstration of what can easily be achieved in Delphi native apps.



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