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ShaYoFae: A Fantastic Mobile App That Helps Farmers Is Built In Delphi


ShaYoFae is a mobile app which aims to help farmers enrich their knowledge and know-how by sharing and comparing their agricultural practices and it is developed in Delphi. According to the developer, “The application makes it possible to share the agricultural operations carried out and compare them with neighboring farmers.
It is a means of supporting and encouraging the evolution of agriculture for the self-sufficiency of the populations, for a reduced impact on the environment, for motivating income for farmers, for the development of agro-industries. food, to make farmers’ practices visible and transparent. The application differs from other tools by a few elements including the fact of sharing and openly comparing agricultural practices without ambitions of traceability or regulatory status. The principle being to change the course of using WhatsApp or Twitter to share technical actions by adding comparison features.”



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