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Powered By Delphi: Ultimate Athlete Helmet Sensor Monitoring Application


CMT’s SmartCap® Visualizer is a cross-platform app (Windows, iOS, Android) that connects to a SmartCap® worn under the athlete’s helmet via BLE and sends real-time sensor data to the application and it is developed in Delphi. According to the developer, “It supports all sports and military applications where head impacts occur. Measures multiple “BioSensors” to monitor the athletes’ health and well being, before, during, and after an impact event, and maintains a cumulative integration of impacts over time. The SmartCap® Visualizer supports “always-on” continuous data recording, data review/playback/analysis (even while recording new data), integrated video synchronization, “Race Mode” for race car drivers to monitor their own vitals during a race, multiple athletes, devices, sports, and teams. Only Delphi supports the demanding needs of this application: cross-platform integration of BLE data collection with micro-second accuracy, real-time 3-D modeling and display of impact events, and the database recording, playback, and cloud synchronization for backup and big data analytics for medical researchers. The SmartCap® Visualizer App is currently in private beta on Apple TestFlight and Android Play stores, and will be publicly released in combination with the SmartCap® hardware.”


Concussion Mitigation Technologies SmartCap® Visualizer

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