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Powered By Delphi: Magnificent CRM Software For Personalized Solutions


Infocob is a full CRM software with 25 years of development and experience and it is powered by Delphi. Features include:
– Multi-users
– Customers/Company/Contact handling
– Customizable 360°, responsive design view (based on HTML with html editor)
– Business
– Multi-language (French/English/Spanish)
– Ticket/support
– Fully customizable dash-board
– e-mail synchronization
– E-mailing editor and generator
– Project
– Contract
– Technician plugins and Offline mode
– Report (Fast report with all options activated)
– Calendar (Multi-resources, timeline, Agenda etc.)
– Full customizable (Dictionary, field in grid, Layout field in forms etc..)
– Integrate script language : Visual, triggers etc. (Delphi object Script)
– Infinite number of user fields in more than 40 type  (Barcode, Memo, RTF, time, mini-html, etc.)
– Full replication (Two way at field level)
– Offline working
– Theme/Skin support
– Manual or automatic (console app) Import/export (CSV, ADO, XLS etc.). Scriptable
– Touchpad mode
– Drivable externally via protocol, Windows message, command line etc.
– Google  / Office 365  / Exchange  contact and calendar sync
– CData plugins


Infocob 10

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