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Powered By Delphi: Impressive Ramengo Bike App For Fitness Activities


With Ramengo Bike you can view your data activities in real-time, like a real bike computer. You can view the details about the distances, times, speeds, pedaling cadence, heart rates, the route on a geographical map, graphic activity, the gradients of the track set, and more. The Android app is developed in Delphi.

According to the developer and the info listed on Google Play, “Using GPS and Bluetooth sensors for heart rate and speed / cadence, you can view”

  • Km Total, Total Time
  • Speed, Speed Max., Average Speed
  • BPM, BPM AVg% BPM, BPM Avg%,% Max BPM, BPM% Max Medium
  • Cardiac Intensity Zone
  • Cadence, Cadence 0, Cadence Avg
  • Calories
  • Descent, Ascent
  • Latitude, Longitude, Altitude
  • Segments and Paths
  • Geographical Maps
  • Charts
  • Sound alerts
  • Battery Life, Battery Level
  • Time, Date


Ramengo Bike

Google Play

Ramengo Bike

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