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PlanMinder: A Remarkable Project Planning Tool Shows Delphi Flexibility


The PlanMinder is a project planning tool that takes a new approach to project management and it is developed in Delphi. It uses automatic scheduling to make it easy to keep plans up to date at all times. Continuous Project Planning leads to better plans with less work. As stated by the developer, “The automatic scheduling also makes it possible to run simulations taking into account uncertainties in estimations, and other defined risks, across all handled projects, to calculate probabilities of reaching deadlines on time. As a manager you can monitor these probabilities and get an early warning if the odds begin to look bad. You can then test what counter measures are most likely to be effective. This is what makes The PlanMinder a uniquely powerful management tool. In The PlanMinder, the plan and the schedule are separated. The project is divided into activities, with relations describing if they need to be done in a certain order. Activities are estimated with uncertainty, and assigned to team members. The automatic scheduler calculates when activities will be worked on, based on project priorities and team availability. As work progresses team members report the work they do, and update their estimates as they learn more. Just released The PlanMinder is available for Windows. But as it is written in Delphi FMX it is prepared to be released on other platforms too. The choice of Delphi was also important to keep the footprint small, and to achieve the optimization necessary to run the scheduler fast enough for Monte Carlo simulations. The goal is that using The PlanMinder, you should be able to avoid exhausting and expensive last minute crunch time to reach a deadline, or worse, missing it.”


The PlanMinder

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