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Magnificent International Designs Bulletin Software Is Built In Delphi


“International Designs Bulletin (Hague System)” application, which is similar to the “WIPO DM” by design but richer in capabilities is built in Delphi and in just 6 hours! It was created to replace 22 MS Access databases containing information along the lines of the WIPO’s Global Design Database. According to the developer, “Well, it is not an easy task to choose just one app, because almost all of State’s Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova software is developed in Delphi (desktop applications, web services, and a few IntraWeb applications). The case I am about to present it’s not a complex one, but I think it illustrates the best how fast one can create something useful in Delphi. For almost 20 years my colleagues performed searches in “WIPO DM”, an application that was provided along with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) annual and then monthly Designs Bulletins CD. In 2012 WIPO has started issuing weekly bulletins, in XML format, ftp://ftpird.wipo.int/wipo/hague/. Thus, I was given the task to create an app that would re-create the “original CD”, i.e. MS Access database and file structure needed for “WIPO DM” to work. And so I did, in Delphi. This app was quite old, we had a lot of compatibility and other issues, but what can I say, the users liked it. That was until last month, when a user discovered that it does not display the 2021 year (a MaxValue limitation I suppose) and I decided that it is time for action. Therefore, in just 6 hours I have managed to move the data from 22 (1999-2021) MS Access databases into one firebird database and to create the “International Designs Bulletin (Hague System)” application, which was similar to the “WIPO DM” by design but richer in capabilities, such as:

–       searching in a field using “or” and “and” operators;
–       displaying the history of all of the available publications;
–       Various exports in MS Word;
–       More search fields were added (available for 2012-2121 data);
–       There is a tab that would display the current record in WIPO’s Global Design Database”


International Design Bulletin

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idb6 idb4

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