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Delphi Empowers: Wagamama’s Stunning Mobile App


For good-food fans on the gorgeous island of Cyprus, Delphi is the power behind Wagamama Cyprus’ mouth-watering mobile ordering app. The Wagamama mobile ordering app from developer Dafera Ltd makes it a delight for the eyes and the tastebuds by powering Cypriots to have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite delicious Wagamama delivered fresh and ready at the office, at home or anywhere they wish.

Firemonkey Power – Android and iOS with almost no code changes

Dafera, based in sunny Nicosia, really make the app shine through their clever use of the best RAD Studio Delphi’s Firemonkey FMX cross-platform features so that the same app can be delivered on Android and iOS with virtually no changes to the code. Firemonkey and RAD Studio do the heavy-lifting. Coupled with simply stunning photography and skillful direct integration into Wagamama’s order management workflow users are treated to a seamless, trouble-free ordering and delivery experience.

Great work by the Dafera team!



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