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Delphi Builds Cirta Management: A Powerful Business Management Software


A business management software, which has acquired capital expertise over the years is built in Delphi. Citra IT is used by more than 5,000 customers, which has allowed the company to position themselves as leaders in the industry. They have a number of different software offerings for managing businesses. On their site they list a number of features such as:

  • Barcode management
    Barcode generation and direct printing, package barcode, Multiple barcodes for one item, Barcode by size / color, Barcode by batch
  • Availability
    Actual stock, Available stock, Minimum stock, Alert stock, Average stock, Maximum and obsolete stock.
  • Batch management and expiration date
    Perfect batch management, output by expiration date, alert in the event of a batch close to the expiration date or expired.
  • Entrances and exits
    Entry voucher, Exit voucher, Reintegration voucher, Transfer voucher, Return voucher, Reject voucher
  • Import management
    Entry of receipts in Currency, calculation of cost price including charges (Customs clearance, Transport, Forwarder …).
  • Provider file
    Contact details, list of contacts, bank details, price by supplier, statistics by supplier family
  • Weight and volume
    Calculates total weight and volume when ordering and receiving, thus avoiding logistical problems
  • App assistant.
    Equipped with a procurement assistant to guarantee the availability of raw material


Cirta IT

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