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Brilliant DNA Manipulation Software Is Created In Delphi


DNA Sequence Assembler an advanced scientific tool for DNA manipulation that is developed in Delphi According to the developer, “It offers: DNA sequence assembly/alignment, DNA chromatogram analysis, DNA sequence conversion, contig editing, and mutation detection. According to the developer, DNA Baser is cited in thousands of publications/scientific articles ( www.dnabaser.com/features/our%20customers.html ). It is used in ALL countries of the world, mostly in academic research but also in hospitals, governmental institutions and for-profit businesses. It is pioneering in the field with DNA Baser being the very first software that: Fully automates the DNA sequence assembly process. No human intervention required. A set of 1000 DNA samples can now be assembled in under 10 minutes instead of 2-3 months. Offers an embedded base caller. Offers trustful automatic error correction, with an accuracy higher than 99.8% (better than a human operator).  It is affordable. Much cheaper than any competitor (approx $1000 for academic use, $2000 for military/hospitals/business). They are also offering any laboratory conducting Corona-related experiments/research licenses for free.”


DNA Baser Sequence Assembler

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dna6 dnadev1

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