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Showcase: Interactive Roman Numbers Kids Mobile App


I’m old enough to remember the days when movies used to have have copyright messages where the years were listed out in a series of letters. I like to think it added to the magic of the big screen movie experience to see things like MCMLXXVI underneath that roaring lion or a huge gong being banged to signal the start of a trip into the cinematic wonderland. A few years later our school was still teaching us to read the Roman Numerals as they were known. A fading art now along with Morse Code and darning holes in socks.

Roman Numbers Mobile App

“Roman Numbers” is a mobile app produced by Spanish developer Demontriz programacion which tries to keep the lost art of reading numerals alive. It introduces this two thousand year-old numbering system to the computer-savvy younger generation of the 21st Century. Written using RAD Studio Delphi using the cross-platform FireMonkey FMX platform to make excellent use of the user’s mobile devices it’s a great way to make learning fun.

A mobile app to convert Roman numerals to decimal and back again

The app converts Arabic numbers to Roman numbers and is especially aimed at children. They can type any number between 1 and 999999 and the app will show the equivalent roman number. You can also type in any Roman number between 1 and 999 and check its decimal value. So, do you know what DCCCLXXXVIII is in the based 10 decimal system?


Roman Numbers

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Roman Numbers

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