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Real World Drama In This Exciting GPS Motorcycle Game


The great thing about RAD Studio Delphi is that the Firemonkey framework does a lot of the hard work for you in your mobile apps. Things like integrating with the mobile device’s hardware and sensors are made much less complicated by the power of the components and runtime library. Combine that with your own imagination and you can come up with something wonderful like WarmerKouder by Dutch developer Daan van der Werf.

WarmerKouder is powered by Delphi

WarmerKouder is based on a very popular traditional Dutch game of the same name. WarmerKouder, or warmer, colder in English, cleverly mixes game play with the real world by integrating with the mobile device’s GPS sensor via the Firemonkey framework. Players can select a challenge and then follow the sound hints to narrow down the final destination. Players are “warmer” if they are getting close to the target and “colder” if they are moving away from it. Variations of this kind of gameplay are probably familiar in most parts of the world and the simplicity means it has a broad appeal.

Delphi’s GPS sensor integration adds a new dimension

Developer Daan van der Werf says, “Turn your GPS data to start Warmer Colder and select a challenge. You get hints by the sound app, Warmer if you get closer to the final destination and Colder if you are further from moving. We advise you to use a headset to follow the hints. When you first found the end the application will ask you to make a selfie, so your participation is taken seriously. All data locations are recorded and forwarded to the score www.warmerkouder.nl. If you really are the first and your details are known to us, we will provide you with your prize. Every participant who comes to the final destination of a challenge always wins something! The prizes to be won can vary from t-shirts, caps to the latest complete tire sets or helmet for your motorcycle.”

It’s never too late to innovate

We think it’s a great way of taking a well-known traditional pastime and bringing it right up to date with the latest modern mobile hardware and the always-on world we live in today.

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