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Photomate Automation Supercharges Your Inventory Workflow


The workflow behind the selling and buying of vehicle parts is convoluted and tricky to navigate. It typically involves lots of photos of metallic objects so that the buyer – or seller – can more easily identify whether or not the part is the right one. Photomate works in conjunction with the Car-Part.com website and their Checkmate inventory management system to ease the process of taking those identifying photos and uploading them to the correct places to create online listings. The app greatly simplifies that entire workflow process.

Car-part.com website screenshot

RAD Studio Delphi powers Photomate

Photomate is written using RAD Studio Delphi where it uses the power of the Firemonkey FMX cross-platform framework to integrate with the mobile device’s built-in camera and sensors to perform its magic.

What does the Photomate developer say about their app?

According the developer, “The photos you take in Photomate are sent to the Checkmate inventory management system, and then uploaded to online listings. When you include photos in your online listings, you help your customers feel more comfortable browsing and purchasing parts from you. With Photomate, you have the opportunity to select which parts of your inventory need photos to ensure that all of your online listings have images.”

Unique features listed for the app include

  • Select specific parts in your inventory that need photos, and assign these parts to Photomate
  • Assign specific parts to specific employees, creating individual “to do” lists
  • Communicate between managers, employees, and coworkers with comment fields
  • Take photos or use images already in your device’s photo gallery
  • Select the best image to serve as the part’s thumbnail for online listings
  • Set any image to be “private” (sent to Checkmate, but not posted online)
  • Send images to Checkmate to be included in inventory details and uploaded to online listings on Car-Part.com, Car-Part Pro, Trading Partners, eBay, mobile searches, and individual recycler websites

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