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Fun LED Scroller App For Android Is Powered By Delphi


LED scroller is a Delphi application that allows you to easily and conveniently scroll text and emoji across the screen. This app has a lot of features and is completely free for all users. You can use the LED scroller to enter any text and emoji in any font (this app uses the default font of device). Text and emoji sizes and colors can be customized. LED Scroller can be used to create interesting banners and messages. This is yet another excellent example of a powerful yet simple Android app written in Delphi. Apps like this are where Delphi FireMonkey’s cross-platform development productivity shines.

Read on to find out how the fun LED Scroller App For Android is powered by Android App Builder Software that helps you to make text and emojis on the screen without breaking a sweat!

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LED Scroller

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