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Developer Stories: Ruslan Gospodarencu Explains His E-Schimb Software

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Ruslan Gospodarencu started working with version 6 of Delphi. He submitted his software (E-Schimb) as a showcase entry at the Delphi 26th Showcase Challenge and we asked more about his adventures with Delphi. Visit his website at E-Schimb for more details about his software. img 20160131 171037 2 5757633

When did you start using RAD Studio/Delphi and have long have you been using it?

I’ve started to use Delphi from version 6 for small projects. From 2010 I’ve started to work on larger projects and switched to Delphi 10.3 when it was released.

What was it like building software before you had RAD Studio/Delphi?

I have experience working with different programming languages and over the years I have tried to use different IDEs, but none of them have been as convenient and fast in working as Delphi.

How did RAD Studio/Delphi help you create your showcase application?

Simplicity was the most important reason I chose Delphi. Working with visual elements, the ability to form a unique and visual application design, code structuring, working with databases, are just some of the benefits of using the Delphi IDE. What made RAD Studio/Delphi stand out from other options? From my practice, before starting work on a project I spend a lot of time thinking about how the given system should work so that it contains the established functional of the tasks and fulfills the proposed objectives. When I started thinking about this project, the first thought that was was that the best solution for development is none other than Delphi.

What made you happiest about working with RAD Studio/Delphi?

The first thing that made me happier was introduction of FireDAC. Before that i’ve been using different components for different databases, but now it is much more easier to achieve the same goals. Then it was livebindings and Firemonkey. I was very excited with all of them.

What have you been able to achieve through using RAD Studio/Delphi to create your showcase application?

User interface design. Working with database. Comfortable work using messaging system. Reporting.

What are some future plans for your showcase application?

Multilingual support. Report designer. Use of different databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, MS SQL, NoSQL) also cloud databases (like Amazon Aurora). Thank you, Ruslan! Check out his showcase entry through the link below


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