RAD Server EMS Package to get data from a remote database through a REST API call and display the data on an EMS Client application.

Author: rkondner Embarcadero’s Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS)is a turnkey middleware solution, part of RAD Server that supports secure, encrypted communication using an industry-standard REST interface. With built-in support for users and groups, EMS is a perfect platform for exposing your custom REST endpoints to a wide range of authorized clients. Developers will especially…
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Attributes for Documenting TEMSDataSetResource

I recently blogged about a number of RAD Server topics, including using TEMSDataSetResource, (the component that enables a TDataSet to be expose as a RESTful resource, and manage all the List, Get, Put, Post, Delete methods – very cool!), how to set named parameters for…

New in 10.2: MariaDB Support

Author: Pawe Gowacki One of the biggest new RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo database features is support for MariaDB open-source relational database. MariaDB is one of the most popular open-source SQL databases. It is a fork from MySQL database, after it has been acquired by Oracle…