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SyncBack Pro – Cool Apps Selection

Today’s CoolApps selection is SyncBackPro, from 2BrightSparks. This utility is a remarkable tool that allows users to back up and synchronize their data across multiple operating systems. Even cooler, it supports a huge number of popular cloud-based storage platforms.  It’s a fantastic example of Delphi in action and is a tremendously helpful utility.


SyncBack was first released in 2003, and it has been developed in Delphi from Day 1. It has evolved as Delphi has, to accommodate new technologies, platforms, and practices into a feature-rich program. SyncBackPro is a tool of choice for corporations, hospitals, universities, and other institutions worldwide because of this track record of development and quality.

While SyncBackPro is our featured version, 2BrightSparks also offers freeware and mobile editions of their product, all developed in Delphi. Give them a look today and put the power of Delphi to work for your network with SyncBackPro, our latest Embarcadero Cool Apps selection.

Learn more about SyncBackPro here: 

2BrightSparks website

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