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RAD Studio 12 Athens Patch 1 Available

12patch1 00

Today Embarcadero released a patch for RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder 12 Athens. This patch addresses several issues in RAD Studio 12, primarily involving the IDE, the Delphi 64-bit compiler, FireMonkey, VCL, and URI processing. Installing this patch is highly recommended for all RAD Studio 12 Athens customers. The detailed list of the issues addressed is available at the end of this blog post.

This patch is about 160MB to download.

GetIt-based installation steps for this deferred package are very similar to what already described in the past (see for example https://blogs.embarcadero.com/rad-studio-11-alexandria-patch-1-available/) but they are also listed below in this blog post. 

Notice that you also have the ability to dismiss the patch and not be reminded about it in the Welcome Page any more, even without installing it. Also, if you install the patch via GetIt, the About Box in the IDE will indicate the patch has been installed.

In this case you download the patch ZIP file from the my.embarcadero.com portal (where it will be available shortly), you’ll have to install it manually, following similar steps of the automated install. You need to manually close the RAD Studio IDE before you install the patch (you’ll see an error if the IDE is running) and follow the steps in the readme. Also, in case of a manual installation, the about box won’t reflect the patch status.

GetIt-Based Installation Steps

This is a reminder of some of the installation steps, which are the same we used in the past for patches.

The patch availability is indicate in the Welcome page of the IDE:


As an alternative, manually search for it in the GetIt Package Manager:

12patch1 02

Once you start the installation, it asks you to accept the patch EULA (which is the same of the product EULA) and it reminds you that you need to restart the IDE:

12patch1 03

As the actual process starts, it opens a console. Remember you might have to accept the UAC system prompt to proceed, even if it might sit behind the console window. The entire installation process takes place outside of the IDE, in a command line console: 

12patch1 05

RAD 12 Patch #1 Readme

January 10th, 2024

This patch addresses several issues in RAD Studio 12, primarily involving the IDE, the Delphi 64-bit compiler, FireMonkey, VCL, and URI processing. Installing this patch is highly recommended for all RAD Studio 12 Athens customers. This patch is about 160MB to download.

Installation via GetIt
If you download the patch via GetIt, it is installed automatically, creating a backup of the files replaced and a log of the operations.

Manual Download and Installation
This patch is also available in the download portal at my.embarcadero.com. In this case, after downloading and expanding the ZIP file, you should run the patch.R120.patch1_install.bat file or manually expand the R120.patch1.zip into the respective subfolders of the RAD Studio installation folder.

Uninstallation Steps
If you installed the patch via GetIt:
* Open the Catalog Repository installation folder and move to the patch folder
* Run the patch.R120.patch1_uninstall.bat file 
* Only *after* you have cleared the patch, uninstall the package from GetIt

If you installed the patch manually:
* Open the folder you expanded the patch ZIP file into
* Run the patch.R120.patch1_uninstall.bat file
* Delete the folder and patch ZIP file

Quality Portal Issues Addresses by This Patch (notice QP remains accessible in read-only mode)
RSP-44063 Bug in MOD operation for Win64 Release configuration
RSP-43656 [REGRESSION] Wrong codegen when passing empty open array to operator overload
RSP-43568 Issue with TURI.Query Changed adding an equal sign to the URL ends with ?WSDL
RSP-43551 When MDI form & Custom Styles are used together, the Process cannot be terminated.
RSP-43547 New VisualManager feature causes crash in TCustomForm.WndProc() with Action=caFree
RSP-43515 No event OnCameraDidFinishTaking for TTakePhotoFromCameraAction
RSP-43494 Event OnValidate fails when the DBGrid is full – AGAIN!
RSP-43463 JSON serialization error with scientific double notation
RSP-43459 TEdit.FilterChar crash app on Android
RSP-43422 NetHttpClient parsing URL parameters is incorrect
RSP-43418 Wrong Delphi code optimization for integer div/mod
RSP-43407 The Delphi compiler in RAD Studio 12 is no longer able to resolve standard types by their aliases when generates HPP files for a BPL package with components if the referenced types are declared in other units
RSP-43383 Delphi 12 Android TEdit error
RSP-43362 [iOS] TListView set search visible to True, the system will crash when clicking into the search area.
RSP-43326 Blob reading is broken for 64-bit platforms in dbExpress
RSP-43318 Incorrect ShortCut in TActionList
RSP-43311 TSQLTimeStampOffset problems with Firebird 4
RSP-43299 TFlowLayout exception when all its elements are set to invisible
RSP-43274 Arithmetic operations on record fields return incorrect results in certain cases if the “Optimization” compiler option is enabled
RSP-43235 Structure view and Search for a method box no longer populated
RSP-43007 Internal compiler error F2084
RSP-42860 FMX TListBox List Index Out OF Bounds
RSP-42692 Ctrl-j – invoke template don’t work
RSP-42682 TreeView crash
RSP-42657 TTreeview crashes when scrolling in iOS
RSP-42634 QBE component causes fatal IDE crash when removed from form
RSP-42616 FMX: Key Handling different behavior in Delphi 12
RSP-42601 TURI with encoded Params are mangled when initialized

The patch also addresses other duplicate issues and the following internally found issues:
* Unexpected application crash after trying to take a photo from the library on an Android device
* Editor “Surround” menu is missing content
* The debugger evaluation of Edit1->Text property in VCL project / windows 32-bit platform

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