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What Is It Like To Be A Developer Glenn Dufke?

Hello. This article is part of a series where we speak with professional software developers, ask them what it’s like to write code for a living, and perhaps gain a few insights into the software development industry along the way. Today we’re heading out to the simply gorgeous country of Denmark to talk to Embarcadero MVP Glenn Dufke. Glenn can often be found fearlessly challenging…
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How To Make A Native Cross-Platform App In 30 Seconds

In the last few years, companies are increasingly seeking the most cost-effective ways to optimize the way they make powerful applications. Cost-effective demands high productivity and a fast app development environment. Moreover, creating Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux applications within a single code base is helpful to get into the market in the shortest possible time and target a…
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RAD Studio 11 Preview at Desktop First Summit

I just gave a session including a preview of RAD Studio 11 at the Embarcadero organized Desktop First UX Summit. Here are some highlights. As the release of RAD Studio 11, Delphi 11 and C++Builder 11 is coming, you can learn about a few of the expected features by…
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How To Deploy RAD Server With An InterBase DB To Docker

Docker enables you to simplify the deployment process effectively. It allows you to quickly deploy and scale applications into any environment. It is widely being used by development teams around the world. In this blog post, you will get an overview of docker deployment using RAD Server Engine, InterBase database, and PAServer. Let’s dive in. What is Docker? Docker is a tool that enables…
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The Future Of Accessibility Is Desktop First

The advancement of technology over the years has made life more comfortable. Arguably, if we’re to have a truly inclusive society, one of technology’s priorities should be eliminating the lines of race, gender, ability, amongst others. The same goes for…
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This Is How To Easily Process CSV Data Using FireDAC

CSV is an abbreviation for a Comma-Separated Value file that enables data to be saved in a loosely-structured text form. Because of its simple format, it is very easy to process the data inside the file and extremely portable too. The great thing about the CSV files is that they are compatible with almost any text editor as well as a large number of popular applications such as Microsoft Excel…
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