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Building a C++ VCL Customer/Sales Master/Detail/Charting Application with 1 Line of Code

You may have read or heard about No Code and Low Code application development using systems, languages and run times. Atanas Popov, GM of Embarcadero Technology, recently blogged about low code development. “These days low-code development is en vogue. Various research groups, such as Gartner, put the low-code application development platform market at ~$10M billion in 2019 and project CAGR to…
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PasDoc Is An Amazing Documentation Tool For Object Pascal Source Code

Note the following information has been made available by the author of PasDoc regarding the tool. Documentation is generated from comments found in the source code or from external files. Many formatting @-tags are supported. Many output formats are supported, including HTML and LaTeX. Usage SeeWhereToPlaceComments,WritingDocumentationandSupportedTagsfor…
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New for Delphi Code Insight in 10.4.1

Delphi 10.4.1 is a quality-focused release, and this goes for code completion too! As well as helping you mimic classic code completion behaviour, we’ve fixed and tweaked many items. When RAD Studio 10.4 was released, we redesigned Code Insight. While old (‘classic’) code insight is still available as a setting, by default Delphi now uses an asynchronous, non-blocking technology for…
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New in Delphi 10.4: Redesigned Code Insight

In 10.4, we’ve reworked code completion and other features. It’s one of the most significant changes to the IDE in a decade. What do we mean by Code Insight? First, some background. If you’re familiar with Code Insight, skip ahead… Code Insight is our name for a set of IDE productivity features in the editor. For the purposes of this blog post, those features are: Code Completion: the…
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